AQURE system Instructions for Use Sw Ver 1.8

Instructions for Use

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Introduction  AQURE system instructions for use  Symbol and text buttons  Function Goes to the next help page Prints the current help page Opens the pdf version of the manual  Contents  Shows the Table of Contents  Index  Shows the Index  Search  Shows the Search function  Intended use For in vitro diagnostic use. The AQURE system is intended to let you manage analytical devices and operator profiles. The user can associate patient data with test data. The system shows test results. The system receives data from connected devices at the point-of-care or laboratory. It can send test results to the HIS/LIS. The system lets you send commands to selected devices. The system uses data related to the performance of devices, to tell users of issues to be managed. The AQURE system is intended for professional use.  Hazards A hazard symbol shows which instructions an operator must obey to prevent risk to persons or equipment. There are two types of hazard.  Hazard type  2  Hazard symbol  Risk  WARNING  Death or injury to persons  CAUTION  Equipment damage
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