Elisee 250-350-370 Accessories Catalogue Rev 1 Oct 2008

Accessories Catalogue

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ResMed Confidential Proprietary Information, not to be reproduced or made available to third parties without prior consent from ResMed and not to be used in any unauthorised way. © ResMed Ltd 2008.  DOC NO  1013094  PAGE  1 of 3  SPECIFICATION – PRINTED MATERIALS  REV  1  Rev  1  Change Note  Date document drafted  Document prepared by  Document Checked by  (Your name)  (Person who will check this document  C21436  08/10/08  Candy Wasserman  Margaret Bosworth (or delegate)  E250/E350 Flyer ROW ENG  NOTE: MANUFACTURER TO PRINT FROM NATIVE FILES SUPPLIED BY RESMED DO NOT PRINT FROM THIS PDF  1. DETAILS Dimensions:  Finished size 280mm H x 210mm W ± 5 mm  Style:  1pp (double sided)  Colour:  4 Process + PMS 287 Blue + Spot Gloss Wet Trap Varnish on images (vignetted where necessary).  Stock:  150gsm Media Silk or equivalent  Artwork:  As shown on following pages. If typeset, the same and sizes must be maintained.  Manufacturer:  External printer
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