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T E C H N I C A L  S E R V I C E S  H5i™ function  Tech Bulletin May 2010  Details Due to design changes introduced with the H5i, some patients may have doubts in regard to H5i function. In these instances, patients feel that the H5i is not heating.  H5i heating Comparing H5i to H4i  H4i  H5i  Constant heater plate temperature based on dial setting  Constant moisture output. Heater plate temperature varies depending on ambient conditions, humidifier setting and air flow.  Output of varying levels of moisture for a given dial setting based on ambient conditions  Output of constant moisture level irrespective of ambient conditions  Not software controlled  Software controlled - if no flow is detected, the H5i will not heat  Water levels The level of water left after use doesn’t give the best indication of unit function. As the H5i provides constant moisture output, it only uses the amount of water needed to get required level of moisture. If set at the same climate control temperature throughout the year, the H5i will use significantly less water during summer than it will during the winter. Confirming H5i function To confirm H5i function, complete the following procedure: 1 Disconnect ClimateLine tubing and remove the water tub. 2 Place your hand on the heater plate to assess the temperature of the H5i while it is not running.  !  Warning Do not place hand on heater plate if H5i has been running in the 10 minutes prior to assessing the heater plate temperature - the heater plate may be hot!  3 Set the humidifier output to 6. 4 Put the unit into warm-up mode and allow it to run for one minute. 5 Place your hand above to the heater plate (without touching it) to confirm an increase in heater plate temperature.  !  Warning  Do not place hand on heater plate - the heater plate will be hot!  6 Press the dial for 3 seconds to enable cooling down mode.  ResMed Ltd 1 Elizabeth Macarthur Drive Bella Vista NSW 2153 Australia Tel: +61 2 8884 1000 Fax: +61 2 8884 2000 ABN 30 003 765 142 Global leaders in sleep and respiratory medicine Page 1 of 1  106113/1 10 05
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