ResMed AirFit F30 Disinfection Guide Sept 2018

Disinfection Guide

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Disinfection guide  Clinical use only  This guide is intended for multi-patient re-use of the AirFit F30 full face mask in a sleep lab, clinic or hospital. If you use the mask as a single user in the home, refer to the User Guide for cleaning instructions. This guide describes ResMed’s recommended and validated procedures for cleaning and disinfection of the mask in accordance with ISO17664.  Cleaning - Alconox Thermal Disinfection - Manual  Thermal Disinfection - Manual  194°F (90°C) for 1 minute  200°F (93°C) for 10 minute  Validated number of cycles2  • Cushion  –  30  • Standard elbow  –  30  –  –  –  30  AirFit F30 mask component1  –  • QuietAir elbow3 • Frame  –  • Headgear  30  This mask may not be available in all regions. For full details regarding the correct use of this mask, please refer to the specific User Guide. For a list of available replacement parts for each mask system, check the Product Guide on If a healthcare facility requires an additional disinfection cycle after reassembly, the number of validated cycles must be halved. 3 Replace these parts with new parts between patients. 1 2  7 D A  B  C  1 2 3  4 5  6  A  Elbow  B  Frame  C  Cushion  D  Headgear  1  Vent  2  Anti-Asphyxia Valve  3  Side buttons  4  Magnetic clips  5  Upper headgear strap  6  Lower headgear strap  7  Top headgear strap  English  608508 AirFit F30 Disinfection Guide ROW Eng.indd 1  1  8/10/2018 2:12:02 PM
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