ResMed AirFit F30i Disinfection Guide Oct 2019

Disinfection Guide

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Full face mask  Disinfection guide  Clinical use only  This guide is intended for multi-patient use of the AirFit™ F30i full face mask in a sleep lab, clinic or hospital. If you use the mask as a single user in the home, refer to the User Guide for cleaning instructions. The processor is responsible for ensuring that reprocessing is completed in accordance with ResMed’s validated procedures.  Cleaning Mild Alkaline, Anionic Detergent e.g. Alconox  Neodisher Mediclean Forte  Thermal disinfection Manual  Mask component  1  Washer-Disinfector  Validated number of cycles  • Cushion  30  • Frame / frame magnetic clips  30  • Elbow body / elbow clip / elbow ring  30  • Headgear2  30  –  • Soft wraps3  –  –  May not be available in all regions. For full details regarding the correct use of this mask, please refer to the User Guide. For a list of available replacement parts, check the Product Guide on Headgear includes headgear magnetic clips. 3 Not intended for multi-patient re-use. 1 2  A 1 2  D  B  3 4  A  Elbow body  1  Elbow clip  Additional disassembly  2  Elbow ring  a  B  Frame  3  Frame connector  4  Frame magnetic clip  C  Cushion  D  Headgear  b  c  C English  1
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