ResMed Masks and Nasal Masks Disinfection and Sterilization Guide July 2018

Disinfection and Sterilization Guide

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Disinfection and sterilization guide  Clinical use only  This guide is intended for multipatient use of a ResMed full face mask, nasal mask or nasal pillows system (‘mask’) in a sleep lab, clinic or hospital. If you use the mask as a single user in the home, refer to the User Guide for cleaning instructions. This guide describes ResMed’s recommended and validated procedures for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of the mask in accordance with ISO17664. Note: Only masks listed in the table below have been validated for reprocessing between patients.  Mask1  Replace these parts with new parts between patients  High level thermal disinfection ISO 15883-1 158°F (70°C)-100 min; 167°F (75°C)-30 min 176°F (80°C)-10 min; 194°F (90°C)-1 min  High level chemical disinfection  Sterilization  CIDEX™ OPA Orthophthalaldehyde 0.55%  STERRAD™  CIDEX™ Plus Glutaraldehyde 3.4%  100S  Validated number of cycles2 NX  Full face masks Mirage Liberty  Swivel, inlet tube  20  Mirage Quattro3  None  20  Quattro FX / Quattro FX for Her  None  20  Quattro FX NV7  None  20  Ultra Mirage  Valve membrane  15  Ultra Mirage Non-vented  None  15  Quattro Air7 / Quattro Air for Her7  None  20  Quattro Air NV  None  20  None  20  7  7  7  AirFit F10 / AirFit F10 for Her 7  7  Nasal masks Mirage Activa  Swivel, inlet tube  15  Mirage Activa LT3  None  20  Mirage FX7 / Mirage FX for Her7  None  20  Mirage Kidsta  Swivel, inlet tube  15  Mirage Micro3 / Mirage Micro for Kids3  None  Mirage SoftGel  None  Mirage Vista  Swivel, inlet tube  15  Ultra Mirage II  None  15  Ultra Mirage Non-vented  None  15  3  20 6  6  20  English  1
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