VS III Quick Setup Guide

Quick Setup Guide

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70825 VS III Quick Setup Guide, ROW Eng.indd 1  sensor connector  Oxygen %  connector  Mains  connector  connector  External battery Serial link  29/9/08 3:55:27 PM  alarm connector  Remote  28 V  Oxygen port connector  Rear panel Enter key • Start ventilation • Enter and confirm your selection  On/Off key • Switch the ventilator on/off • Stop ventilation VS III  Adjustment keys • Navigate through menus • Increase or decrease values  English  Menu key • Navigate through the menu and return to the previous page • Press and hold: access the clinical menu and return to the patient menu  VS III™  Keypad and navigation  Quick Setup Guide  Alarm Silence key • Silence the current alarm • Clear the alarm message  Starting/stopping ventilation When the battery is discharging, the battery graphic shows an arrow pointing downwards with an indicative level status.  Starting From the Clinical Settings menu, select Start ventilation then press . From the Patient menu, follow the onscreen instructions then press  .  Stopping  1  then press  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  Note: When you begin charging, there is a two-minute delay before the battery starts charging.  From the Clinical Settings menu, select Stop ventilation then press . Alternatively press and again for one second. From the Patient menu, press one second.  Carry bag  again for  Operating the battery Internal battery When the battery is charging, the small battery graphic shows an arrow pointing upwards. The arrow disappears once the battery is fully charged. The device comes with a bag that is easy to carry and hang on a wheelchair for maximum mobility. The detachable accessories pouch allows the accessories to be carried separately if required. Saime SAS (Manufacturer), Z.I., 25 rue de l’Etain, 77176 Savigny-le-Temple, France. ResMed Schweiz AG Viaduktstrasse Basel, Switzerland, +41 61 564 7000, ResMed Corp Poway, CA, USA +1 858 746 2400, ResMed Ltd Bella Vista, NSW, Australia, +61 (2) 8884 1000. ResMed has offices in Australia, Austria, Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States (see for details). Protected by the following patent: FR 2839893. Other patents pending. VS III is a trademark of Saime SAS. Specifications may change without notice. © 2008 Saime SAS is a subsidiary of ResMed Inc.70825/1 08 09.  Global leaders in sleep and respiratory medicine
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