H5i Disinfection Guide Nov 2014

Disinfection Guide

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H5i™ disinfection guide  English  This disinfection guide is intended for multipatient use of the H5i in a sleep lab, clinic, hospital or at a health care provider. If you are using the H5i as a single user in the home, refer to the Welcome Guide for cleaning instructions. This guide describes ResMed’s recommended and validated procedures for cleaning and disinfection of the humidifier. However, the steps for disinfection vary regionally. As a result, each healthcare facility should consult its own procedures before carrying out those within this guide. GENERAL WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS • • •  ResMed cannot give any assurance that deviations from the procedures listed in this guide, and their effect on the performance of the product, will be acceptable. When using detergents, disinfectants or sterilization agents, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Beware of electrocution. Do not immerse the device, power supply or power cord in water. Always unplug the device before cleaning and be sure that it is dry before plugging back in.  Parts suitable for disinfection or sterilization Part  High level thermal disinfection  High level chemical disinfection  Sterilization  H5i cleanable water tub (including tub lid, plate and base) Air outlet  English  1
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