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arcus 501-701 electrical drive unit Guide


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schaerer® electrical drive unit for schaerer® arcus 501-701  Moves the operation table even with heavy weight patients comfortably without physical effort. Two speeds forward and one backwards give optimum drive for long and short distances or narrow areas.  Fast speed Pressing two buttons at one time initiates the fast speed to overcome longer distances in a reasonable time.  Moving the table fast (up to 2.4 KPH) saves time and to hands at the handle make the the movement save and accurate.  Slow speed Pressing only one direction button initiates the slow speed to manoeuvre in small areas and finding the final position, also standing aside  Moving the table slow (0,9 KPH) requires only one hand and keeps your other hand for assisting the patient or carrying additional items. Schaerer Medical AG – Erlenauweg 17 – CH-110 Münsingen – +41317202200 Ref.: 98288; Index:-
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