Schaerer Medical

AXIS Operating Instructions Ver 4.3 Nov 2008

Operating Instructions

26 Pages

TABLE OF CONTENTS GENERAL  Page  4  Page Page  5 5  GENERAL PRODUCT DESCRIPTION  Page  7  OPERATING THE TABLE  Page  9  Page Page Page  11 12 13  Page  14  Page Page Page Page Page  14 15 16 16 17  TABLE CHARACTERISTICS  Page  18  MAINTENANCE  Page  19  Page Page Page Page Page  19 19 20 21 21  SPECIFICATIONS  Page  22  ADDITIONAL ASPECTS OF TABLE OPERATION  Page  23  Messages on the Hand Control Unit Display  Page  23  WARRANTY  Page  25  NON-LIABILITY STATEMENT  Page  25  ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AND DISPOSAL  Page  25  EC DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY  Page  26  Meaning of Symbols Potential Hazards  Moving, Locking, Steering Main Table Positions Manual Control Unit  POSITIONING A PATIENT Motor-driven Functions of the Table Manual Adjustment of Head and Leg Boards Fixing Removable Parts of the Table Operating Conditions Emergency Operation  Cleaning the Table Disinfection Table Maintenance Procedures Notes to Technical Staff Notes to Operating Staff  3/26
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