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Quick User Guide

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Quick User Guide  Manufactured and fully supported in the UK  For more in-depth set of instructions, please refer to the official “Instructions Manual” at or call 0845 863 9570 Email: SensorCare Systems, TP House, Prince of Wales Business Park, Vulcan Street, Oldham, OL1 4ER  1  Bed system  2  Chair system  4  Control unit  A bed panel A control unit  A control unit  A chair Panel  Position the bed panel label side up under the mattress widthways on the non-adjustable part of the bed base.  3  Dual system  Position the chair panel label side up widthways underneath the chair cushion. If using a fixed base chair, use a separate cushion.  To disconnect the cable pull on the grey part of the connector to release the lock mechanism. The green socket on the control unit is for the nurse call cable only – Contact SensorCare for more information.  A bed panel  Both the bed and chair sensor can be connected to the control unit at the same time allowing the patient to be monitored when they are in either the bed or the chair. A control unit  The bed and chair panels connect to the control unit using the correct colour coded connector. Connect the cables by aligning the ridge on the grey part of the connector to the white arrow on the control unit socket.  A chair Panel  Use the spring hooks to position the control unit at the head/foot of the bed, or side of the chair.
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