EDGE II Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide

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Quick Reference Guide  Quick Reference Guide  SonoSite Edge II Ultrasound System  SonoSite Edge II Ultrasound System  System controls  A PROGRAM  B  Select an imaging mode P20517-01  switch  UPDATE  C  COLOR  2D  P20517-01  Toggle screens Shortcut keys and modes  SAVE CALC  D  DOPPLER  M  MODE  Page 2 of 10  Power  Switch controls/images  CLIP  SAVE  Page 1 of 10  controls  NEAR  SET  Touchpad  FREEZE  Access patient info and data Set a trace Slide to adjust SELECT gain Select on-screen items  ZOOM  Use calipers  Display calculations  CALIPER  CALC  AC power indicator Handle  FAR  DEPTH  Save keys  Control panel  Freeze the image  USB ports  GAIN  AUTO  Adjust imaging depth  Display  Adjust on-screen  This Quick Reference Guide is for reference and refresh only and is not intended as a substitute for the user guide that came with your SonoSite Edge II system. For detailed procedures, descriptions, features, and safety precautions, see the SonoSite Edge II User Guide, available at  Turn on text entry and pictographs  Adjust the gain  Overview
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