M-Turbo Quick Reference Guide Nov 2014

Quick Reference Guide

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Quick Guide  SONOSITE M-TURBO® ULTRASOUND SYSTEM Turn on Press Power. System will beep and start-up screen will appear. System takes less than 20 seconds to be ready for scanning.  Entering Patient Data Press Patient and select New from the soft keys. Position cursor using the track pad and Select or tab on keyboard to move between fields. Enter details using keyboard. When patient data is entered select Exam type: Choose drop down box and use Select to choose appropriate preset Exam type. The transducer selected enables specific Exam presets. Exam presets may be changed during the study by pressing Exam. When the entry is complete; Press Done using the soft keys, or 2D to begin scanning.  Image Optimisation 1 – Adjust Depth controls Decreasing the image depth allows you to make the structures you are visualising as large as possible on the screen. Increasing the image depth allows you to visualise deeper structures within the image. A scale marking is displayed along right side of screen in 5 mm, 1 cm or 5 cm increments, depending on imaging depth. Total depth in centimeters is displayed at lower right of screen. 2 – Gain Controls Gain Controls may be adjusted to balance the image: Near – Use for manual gain control upper half image Far – Use for manual gain control lower half image Gain – Use for manual gain control of whole image Auto – Press to automatically balance image 3 – Mode Controls For 2D, Color, Doppler and M-Mode activation press appropriate mode button from the right lower corner. The Gain control becomes the Color and Doppler Gain control when in that mode. Use Update to change between live images on screen in Doppler and M-Mode.  Color / Doppler Press Color. Press Select to change between adjusting color box size and position. Use touch pad to change position when box is solid. Use touch pad to change size when box outline is broken. Press Color soft key to change to Color Power Doppler (CPD)  Activate Pulsed Wave Doppler Press Doppler. Use Select button to change angle of Doppler line of sight, Doppler angle and sample volume size-active control is green and use touch pad to alter angle. Press Doppler button again to start live trace Press Update button to change between Image and Doppler trace Press Freeze to freeze image and Save to store image to internal flash memory  Freeze Press Freeze. Cineloop function activates automatically. Use touch pad, Gain or Left and Right arrows on keyboard to scroll back through frames to obtain required image.
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