M-Turbo Quick Reference Guide Saving Images April 2012

Quick Reference Guide

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Quick Guide  Saving images on Sonosite’s M-Turbo® Ultrasound System First create a folder to save the images in: 1)	Switch on the system (power button top left on control panel), press Patient (keyboard) 2)	Select New/End from the soft keys (bottom of screen) 3)	Enter the required patient detail. Under User, enter your initials (this helps with sorting folders) 4)	Press Done (bottom of screen) to continue to the live 2D screen 5)	Your folder name will appear in the top left corner 6) Scan your subject and adjust the image accordingly by setting the Gain and Depth  Saving still images: 1) To save the image, press Freeze 2)	With the overall Gain button, toggle through the recorded frames (images) (these are not saved yet, only recorded retrospectively) and press Save to save the required frame  Saving clips: 1)	To select the time duration of the clip (2 sec to 60 sec): From the soft keys on the bottom of the screen, go to the 2nd page and press Clips, then select Time, or ECG in the case of echo, and select the required duration 2)	Continue live 2D scanning and press Clip each time you wish to save a ‘video’ clip
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