M-Turbo User Guide Supplement and Errata 1.3 P05496-01

User Guide Supplement and Errata

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M-Turbo Ultrasound System User Guide Supplement and Errata P05496-01 This user guide supplement and errata provides additional information about using the M-Turbo® ultrasound system.  Supplement To calculate Cardiac Output automatically WARNING:  To avoid an incorrect diagnosis: • Do not use automatic Cardiac Output calculations as the sole diagnostic criteria. Use them only in conjunction with other clinical information and patient history. • Do not use automatic Cardiac Output calculations in neonatal patients. To avoid inaccurate velocity measurements if you use PW Doppler, make sure that Angle Correction is set to zero.  The system can maintain the accuracy of automatic Cardiac Ouput measurements only if the flow rate is 1 L/min or greater.  Errata Patient report If you transfer or export an exam from the M-Turbo® ultrasound system, the following measurements do not appear in the exported patient report. If you need to record them, save the report as an image (press the SAVE key) before transferring or exporting, or write them manually into the patient record. • GYN exam: Follicle • Cardiac exam: Automatically calculated CO values (CO, SV, CI, SI, VTI, Vmax, Vmean, PGmax, PGmean, LVOT D, LVOT area)  Language selection If you need to change the Language selection on the Presets setup page, make sure to first archive, transfer, or export all saved patient data you want to keep. The system may not correctly maintain the saved patient information after the Language selection is changed.
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