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SonoSite® Mini-Dock User Guide The SonoSite® Mini-Dock provides connections for accessories, peripherals, and the M Series ultrasound systems, MicroMaxx® ultrasound system, or TITAN® high-resolution ultrasound system.  Attaching and removing the mini-dock WARNING:  To avoid the risk of electrical shock to the patient, do not touch the ungrounded connectors on the back of the mini-dock while simultaneously touching a patient.  Caution:  To avoid damaging the mini-dock, do not perform high current grounding impedance testing involving this part. Accessible metal of the mini-dock is not protectively earthed. For an explanation on the grounding of the mini-dock, see SonoSite Technical Bulletin 003/06 at Select Support and Service and then select your system type. To avoid damaging equipment, remove mini-dock from system prior to transportation.  Attach mini-dock  Ensure that the ultrasound system is turned off. Connecting the system and mini-dock while the power is on may cause the mini-dock to function improperly. 2 Slide the mini-dock feet under the ultrasound system, and firmly press the mini-dock into the system connector. The mini-dock is correctly attached when no gap is between the system and mini-dock. Note: If at any time the ultrasound system loses connectivity, turn off the system and reattach the minidock and system. Always verify that the mini-dock and system are correctly attached after changing a transducer. When you change a transducer, the mini-dock may loosen.  Remove mini-dock  1 2  1  Grasp the handle on ultrasound system and push back on the release lever. Pull the ultrasound system forward.  2  1 Release lever
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