TEE Transducer Care and Disinfection Guide 2019

Care and Disinfection Guide

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TEE Transducer Care WARNINGS Cautions   Be sure to use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) whenever necessary.  DO NOT skip any steps or abbreviate the cleaning process in any way.  DO NOT allow bodily fluids to dry on the transducer. Always clean the transducer immediately after use.  DO NOT bend the endoscopic shaft smaller than a 20 cm (8 inch) curve.  DO NOT use unapproved cleaning agents such as alcohol or bleach (for example: Sani-Cloth) as these can damage the  transducer and void the warranty. For more information about approved cleaners and disinfectants, see support/cleaners-disinfectants.   DO NOT spray or immerse the controls, the cord, or the connector with any fluid. Be careful to prevent moisture from getting on the connector.   DO NOT soak the transducer longer than recommended by the chemical manufacturer. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for concentration, temperature, and duration.  Refer to the following diagram when caring for your transducer Cannot be submerged  Connector  Cable  Controller  Can be submerged 90 cm  Endoscopic shaft Scan head  Preventing damage STEP 1 ALWAYS use a bite guard. Remove any dentures before placing the bite guard in the patient’s mouth.  Cleaning  For a list of approved cleaners and disinfectants, refer to the cleaners and disinfection tool available at  STEP 2 DO NOT  STEP 4 During the  STEP 5 Rinse the shaft for at least 3 min in a large volume of clean, lukewarm water (for example, 8 L). Inspect the transducer for any remaining biological material.  STEP 3 Place up to  B Wipe the controller and cable with a clean, non-linting cloth or single-use endoscopic sponge moistened with cleaner. Remove cleaner by wiping again with a fresh cloth or sponge moistened with clean water.  STEP 6 Dry the  allow bodily fluids to dry on the transducer. Remove all visible biological material by wiping the entire transducer, except the connector, with a cloth or wipe moistened with water.  90 cm of the endoscopic shaft in an approved cleaner. Make sure the controller cannot fall into the solution. CHECK the expiration date of the cleaner, and follow ALL chemical manufacturer’s instructions for soak time and temperature.  soak: A Scrub the shaft for at least 3 min using a soft brush or single-use endoscopic sponge moistened with cleaner.  transducer with a clean, non-linting towel. Examine the transducer and cable for any cracks. DO NOT use the transducer if any damage is found.  1
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