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Chapter 1: Introduction Introduction  Please read the information in this user guide before using the TITANTM high-resolution ultrasound system. It applies to the ultrasound system, and transducers.  About the User Guide This user guide is a reference for using the ultrasound system. It is designed for a reader familiar with ultrasound techniques; it does not provide training in sonography or clinical practices. Before using the system, you must have ultrasound training. The user guide covers the preparation, use, and maintenance of the ultrasound system, transducers, and accessories. Refer to the manufacturers’ instructions for specific information about peripherals. The user guide includes a table of contents and an index to help you find the information that you need. The user guide is divided into the following chapters: Chapter 1  “Introduction”  Contains general information about the user guide and the system. Customer assistance information is also included.  Chapter 2  “Getting Started”  Contains information on healthy scanning practices, basic operation, and changing system settings.  Chapter 3  “Imaging”  Contains detailed information about preparing for the exam, entering patient information, adjusting imaging modes, annotating images, saving images and reviewing patient images.  Chapter 4  “Measurements and Calculations”  Contains information on performing measurements and calculations in the different imaging modes.  Chapter 5  “DICOM Connectivity”  Contains instructions for configuring and using DICOM.  Chapter 6  “Safety”  Contains information required by various regulatory agencies, including information about the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle, the output display standard, acoustic power and intensity tables, intended uses, and other safety information.  Chapter 7  “Troubleshooting and Maintenance”  Contains information to assist in the correction of problems with system operation. Also contains information about proper care of the system, transducers, and accessories.  Chapter 8  “References”  Contains information about measurement accuracy and the sources from which the system measurements and calculations are derived.  Chapter 1: Introduction  1
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