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Curette Dilator Reprocessing Instructions

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Curette Dilator Reprocessing (Cleaning and Sterilization) Instructions  The Curette Dilator is a manual surgical instrument used during neurosurgical procedures to cut, hold, or manipulate tissue (i.e. to scrape and remove soft and osseous tissue). The Curette Dilator is classified on the Spaulding Scale as a “critical” device. The device is supplied nonsterile and must be cleaned and sterilized in accordance with these instructions prior to use. Any packaging material and tip protectors included in the original shipment should be disposed of prior to usage or sterilization. A sterilization tray is provided with the Curette Dilator. Refer to included instructions for use before handling the sterilization tray. Remove black tip protectors prior to sterilization.  Warnings 1. Automated cleaning may not be effective. A thorough, manual cleaning process is required. 2. Cleaning agents with chlorine or chloride as the active ingredient are corrosive to stainless steel and must not be used. Enzymatic and cleaning agents with neutral pH are recommended. Reprocessing Limitations Repeated processing, according to the instructions below, has minimal effect on reusable manual instruments. End of life is normally determined by wear and damage due to use. Use/service life is restricted by mishandling or inadequate protection. We cannot make any statement about how long the device will last; however, the Curette Dilator is designed to be robust when the procedures described herein are followed. Visually verify cutting edges of the curette are intact prior to use. Any un-useable devices should be properly disposed of per standard hospital procedures. Containment/ Transportation 1. Universal precautions for handling contaminated/biohazardous materials should be observed. 2. Instruments should be cleaned within 30 minutes of use to minimize the potential for drying prior to cleaning.  LBL2463 Rev. J (DCR 19-0013, Effective Date: 2019-07-25)  1 of 4
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