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Surgitrac Instruments Reprocessing Guidelines

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Guidelines for reprocessing Surgitrac Instruments’ reusable surgical instruments The following are guidelines for reprocessing all reusable medical devices supplied by Surgitrac Co. Limited (Surgitrac), unless stated otherwise with the packaging of the product. These instructions are intended for use only by, persons with the required specialist knowledge and training. Additional information will be supplied with certain products regarding dismantling or interaction with other products. Such information will be enclosed with the specific products and are supplemental to these instructions. The following instructions have been validated by Surgitrac as being capable of preparing a medical device for re-use. It remains the responsibility of the processor to ensure that the processing as actually performed, using equipment, materials and personnel in the facility, achieve the desired results. This requires validation and routine monitoring of the process. Likewise, any deviation by the processor from the instructions provided should be properly evaluated for effectiveness and potential adverse consequences. All cleaning and sterilisation processes require validation at the point of use. Their effectiveness will depend on many factors and it is only possible to provide general guidance on proper device cleaning and sterilisation. This document is valid from 1 August 2016. WARNING:    Products supplied by Surgitrac are non-sterile. Never use reusable instruments that have not been cleaned, disinfected and sterilised first.  Surgitrac Guidelines for Reprocessing 1 August 2016
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