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Surgitrac Reusable Instruments Instructions for Use

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Instructions for use (IFU) Surgitrac Instruments reusable instruments Device name Device codes  Item specifics Intended use For use by Warning Risks, contradictions and side effects  Re-usable ophthalmic surgical instruments RUCR01, RUCR02, RUCR03, RUCR05 RUCS01, RUCS02, RUCS05 RUPD01, ROPD02 RUA11, RUA12 RUC09, RUC10, RUC11, RUC12, RUC13, RUC14, RUC15, RUC16, RUC19, RUC20, RUC21, RUC22, RUC23, RUC24, RUC25, RUC30, RUC31, RUC32, RUC33, RUC34, RUC35, RUC36, RUC37, RUC42, RUC43, RUC44, RUC45 RUG01, RUG02, RUG03, RUG04, RUG04A, RUG05, RUG08, RUG09 RUC46, RUC47, RUC48, RUC49, RUC50, RUC51, RUC52, RUC53, RUC54, RUC55, RUC56, RUC58, RUC61, RUC62, RUC65, RUC71, RUC72, RUC73, RUC74, RUC75, RUC77, RUC80, RUC81, RUC82 RUG10, RUG11, RUG12, RUG13, RUG14, RUG15, RUG17, RUG19, RUG20, RUG21, RUG22, RUG23, RUG24, RUG26, RUG27 RUR10, RUR11, RUR12, RUR31, RUR32, RUR34, RUR40, RUR41, RUR42, RUR43, RUR51, RUR60 For use in ophthalmic surgery. For use in the human eye. Only for use by a suitably trained medical professionals. Used surgical instruments are contaminated. Disease may occur from injury. Dispose of in a puncture resistant container. Refer to local regulatory guidelines Incorrect use may cause blindness. Manufacturer Sihong Surgitrac Co. Ltd No. 2, Xihu Road, Sihong Industrial Park, Jiangsu, 223900 +44 (0) 161 775 7626 Non-sterile. Refer to reprocessing guidelines. Keep dry. Keep away from sunlight. Caution see instructions for use  IFU Surgitrac Instruments reusable 03/04/2017
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