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G-FORCE Tenodesis Screw Instructions

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G-FORCE™ TENODESIS SCREW 150847-0 The following languages are included in this packet: English (en) Español (es) Türkçe (tk)  Deutsch (de) Italiano (it)  Nederlands (nl) Português (pt)  Français (fr) 中文- Chinese (sch)  For additional languages, visit our website www.wmt.com. Then click on the Prescribing Information option. For additional information and translations please contact the manufacturer or local distributor.  M  C 0086* Wright Medical Technology, Inc. 1023 Cherry Road Memphis, TN 38117 U.S.A.  P Wright Medical UK Ltd 3rd Avenue Letchworth Hethfordshire, SG6 2JF UK  * The CE-Marking of Conformity is applied per catalog number and appears on the outer label, if applicable.  1  October 2013 Printed in U.S.A.
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